Hockney Goes Fishing

Hockney Goes Fishing



On a bright Sunday morning, David Hockney picks up his fishing line and hooks. As he steps out of his cottage, he is welcomed by a beautiful warm sun. “What a great day for fishing!” he says.

David begins his journey to the lake. He takes a long and winding road of the willow trees. He loves to be engulfed by the furry greens. At the sight of the        bo-peep turtles, David is assured he has reached the big blue lake.

He sits on a large rock.
Pulls out a bait from his stock.
Cuts off a length of his line longer than his pole,
and hooks the bait in a hole.

David is ready, he points the rod and casts with all his might the fishing line. It flies and flies above the willows and turtles and sinks into the deep blue.


He sits and waits.
All is quiet and all is still.

Until suddenly, the wild and windy waves crash against the shore.
It feels as if the lake is about to roar.

“My oh my!” screams David.
He loses his breath at the sight of the lake turning into a humongous mountain.
“Is this a lake or a volcano?!” 

“It is a lake and it is my home!”
As the water began to recede, beneath it layed a big lake monster.

He is high and wide, made of green moss.
His fur is so furry that with the light it looks like pea sauce.
His head is large and round with the tiniest olive eyes.
His most impressive features are his large whiskers and fins.

“I'm sorry!’ screamed David
“I didn’t realize you lived here! I live behind the willows right across the path”
“And I'm here to fish some dinner for some fish and chips”
“Would you care to join?” asks David.

“Well that’s really kind of you Mr…”
“David. David Hockney. I live in California where trees are pink and skies are blue.
I have come to visit mum.
And thought  some fresh dinner would be fun.
Your home is lovely,
trees are muddy covered with sparkling algae.
Would love to draw a picture someday
I dream of capturing this purple gray.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to poke your home.”

“Thank you David. My name is Ogopogo.” 
And I will gladly accept your dinner invitation.
I will help you catch some fish.
My fins are mesh-like and I can pull them through the water.

As David steps back, Ogopogo circles his fins so fast that it tickles the fish right under his chin.

“My oh my! “screams David “ That was bloody fast!”

David and Ogopogo pack the fish on the backs of the turtles and set their way back home.

They cross the junipers and the willows right underneath the big green domes.

They reach home.
Enjoy tasty fish and chips
And roast chestnuts by the fire for kicks.

David, his mum and Ogopogo spend a great night laughing away as the lake monster tickles their feet with his long whiskers and fins.


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